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1946 View of Cameron-North Avenue and Route 250 North

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Cameron City Hall
44 Main Street
Cameron, WV 26033
Email: City Clerk
Mayors Office: 304 686-2366
City Clerk: 304 686-2366
Fax: 304 686-4706 
Police Department: 304 686-2213
Sewage Disposal Plant: 304 686-3597
Public Library: 304 686-2140
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AirNav: Marshall County Airport 
W.V. Department of Highways 1-(304)-843-4000
WV DNR - Homepage
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The City of Cameron would like to thank those who contributed to the development of this web site.

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I wanted to shout out this website. I love the beautiful green design, highlighting this Irish, Small-town's history. This cute town looks like the perfect place for a getaway from our busy working lives. Check out the Parks & Recs link within the site. It portrays their *Free* City Tradition - the Cameron Swimming pool, and the most beautiful hiking trails! 

-Kate, Upstate N.Y. on 2023-04-06 11:22

PHBBNA NEWS (Prospect Hill and Back Bay Neighborhood Association-Lawrence, Massachusetts)


"Over the hill and through the woods, to Grandma’‘s house we go." I remember that line not because of the song but because that is what we did often...Cameron is a quiet place where you can hear the birds sing even on a noisy day...They have a great web site. Their site not only has a picture of the Mayor but also all the City Officials as well as their phone numbers. You can even find current events! The site gives you a real feel for the community and the people who live there. They have taken advantage of the latest technology to let the world know who they are and what they have to offer.

Hey, I just looked the whole site over and I truly am impressed with what you have done. For a Podunk town like Cameron you have brought them into the modern age. For those who have Computers in Cameron they can contact the thousands who left for fame and fortune, or just a job to survive, and let them know that even though Cameron has been dying for the last 40 years there is still a heartbeat and people willing to perform political and financial CPR. Mary, as a transplanted EER/DRAGON living in Texas you have  done a fine job and service to those hills. Perhaps the next generation will see the I-68 come thru and Cameron have a revival, and the Twenty Second Century will bring memories of the previous decades struggles, and the Golden Age of Cameron will have arrived.

Once again,........Thanks Mary,

Brandt Wendell 9/2/07


I just wanted to share with you my delight in visiting the site you created for Cameron. You have done an absolutely beautiful job capturing in your design what Cameron "is," an old immigrant town rich with history. I moved to St. Louis a year ago, and it is wonderful to be able to point my acquaintances in the direction of your web site so that they might visit my roots. You have represented those who reside (or once did) in the valley.

with warmest regards,

Leighanne Heisel


Being along ago resident of Cameron I loved seeing the web site. I found it exciting and it brought back many memories from my childhood. I left Cameron at the age of 15 in 1977 when my family moved to PA. I have never truly left Cameron for parts of it have been with me my whole life, besides according to my Grandmother, Mrs. Barb Yeater, I am related to almost half of the town....Thanks for bringing some of my childhood back. CJ (Jimmy) Smith


Great site. I was born and raised in Cameron. Left there in 1966. 

Tom Bryson