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Aaron Foster
Class II Water Operator

Drinking Water Notice-02-22-2024

Cameron Water CCR Report 2024


This Confidence Report will not be mailed to you.
CCR is available for review or a copy will be provided upon request.

City of Cameron Sanitary Sewer and Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewer Project

Jeff Gardner

Class I Sewer Operator
Wastewater Operator
Water Plant OIT

City of Cameron Water Treatment Plant

Construction on the City of Cameron's $2.25 million sewage treatment plant was completed in August 2001. The new sequencing batch reactor type treatment plant will serve nearly 600 households in the City. Kranick Environmental Contractors was the prime contractor on the treatment plant project now fully operational.

Much of the collection system sewer line throughout the City is also being replaced. In addition, 127 households within the City have now been added to the system. Sewer line work was completed in February 2002. More than 47,000 feet of sewer line was replaced throughout the town. The sanitary sewer system replacement work will cost nearly $4.5 million. Alex E. Paris Contracting and Yeneka Construction are the prime contractors on all the sewer line work.

Funding sources and amounts on the City's sanitary sewage system project include the West Virginia Infrastructure Fund grant and loan totaling $2,865,000 and $2,530,188 respectively, a $1,250,000 Small Cities Block Grant, and $122,086 in City funding for a total project cost of $6,767,274. Engineering and inspection on the project is being provided by Lennon, Smith, Souleret Engineering of Coraopolis, Pennsylvania.

Aerating Pool

Settling Pool

Blowers for Activated Sludge

Sludge Process Handling System

Ultra Violet Light for

Fine Bubble Aeration

Ultra Violet Light

Cascade Aeration

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