Cameron Junior Woman's Club presentation of the Shooting Stars 10 Act Musical (Early 1950's)

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The Cameron Swimming Pool was dedicated on Thursday May 18, 1939

Cameron Swimming Pool 1939 to Present

Marshall County National Register Link

A PWA project, sponsored by the town through a special levy, made construction of the pool possible. Gordon Sammons, of Moundsville, Engineer for the project said today that upon completion the modernity and beauty of the pool, of a patented type, had excelled all expectations. The special levy will be layed for 3 years. The city owns its water plant. Approximately $4,000 in bonds were issued and the total cost of the project was 25,000.

Moundsville Echo

Article-written by Hazel Postlethwaite

Cameron Pool-Summer 2001

The pool is semi-circular in shape. It is the first one of its type ever built by the Better Swimming Pools Inc., of Indianapolis, Indiana. It is equipped with flood lights, and vari-colored lights play over the surface of the water at night. There is an under water life guard room which looks out into the pool through port holes. The deep section of the pool is fenced off from the shallow section where children and in-experienced swimmers play. All around the semi circle; is a white sand beach from 15 to 25 feet wide for sun bathing. The sand was imported from Lake Michigan.

The half circle has a radius of 75 feet. The pool is 8 1/2 feet deep in swimming and diving section, and the shallow section tapers to a few inches in depth for children to play. The beauty of the pool is enhanced by ornamental, lighted fixtures.

Moundsville Journal May 20, 1939

The pool opened in 1939 with two purposes in mind-recreation and the ability to serve as a 235,000 gallon emergency fire protection reservoir.

The unusual pool is truly a sight, but its unique half-moon shape was an accident. Originally, blueprints called for the pool to take the shape of a full circle, but tough rock prevented builders from following the original plans.

On July 14, 1993, the U.S. Department of the Interior's National Park Service listed the Cameron pool in the National Register of Historic Places. The 60-plus-year old pool has had only a few minor alterations over the years, and for the most part has remained true to its original state.

Summer 2007 Pool News

The Cameron Swimming Pool has received grants for the restoration of the pool which is currently taking place with a new liner being installed by Renosys Corp. Indianapolis, Ind. View pictures at Installation of the pool liner will cost $62,543.91. Unforeseen concrete damages $5,475. Total of repairs for opening late this summer is $68,018.91. Reopening of the pool is scheduled for August 1, 2007. Monies received for the liner and repairs to pool: $29,776.18 FEMA Grant Money, $16,000 Evan G. Roberts Trust Fund, $3,800 Save The Pool Fund and $8,200 Contingent from Consol Coal Company. For a total of $57,776.18 monies to be received for repair to the pool. The City will sponsor free admission for everyone for the month of August through the generous donations of the following businesses and organizations:


Information taken from the Moundsville Echo, Friday July 13, 2007 and the Wheeling News Register dated Tuesday July 17, 2007 

Businesses or Organizations are welcome to sponsor pool parties the month of August for a donation. Businesses or Organizations that would like to donate funds to the pool may contact the City


The Pool does not support itself financially, so Mayor Stern hopes to restore the facility to its original state using grants from the National Register of Historic Places. He would like to bring back the medium-height dive and high dive that were two-thirds of the pool's original three tiers of diving boards. He would also like to reconstruct the pole-mounted lifeguard chair that once stood poolside, adorned with a pagoda shelter. Perhaps the pool's circumference will once again be surrounded by sand to enhance the "beach atmosphere". The big thing the mayor wants to use the grant money for is to re-line the pool.

The city's tradition of offering free admission to children on Wednesdays will continue.

Excerpts from News-Register-Wheeling, W.Va.- Wednesday, July 3, 2002 by Suzi Anderson - Staff Writer

The community pool in Cameron was the design of Frank B. Hunter of Indianapolis, Indiana. Mr. Hunter gained some fame as the principal architect of many of the public buildings in Indianapolis. During the late 30's he turned his talents to the construction of a series of public swimming pools with a design based upon the popular trend at the time-create an environment like that of a lake or beach. In the case of Mr. Hunter's work, he created the Hunter Seashore Pool, for which he received a US Patent.

The features of this design included a central diving tower, a submarine viewing room, semi-circular layout, a gently sloping entry and a sand beach that surrounded the curved part of the pool. With landscaping, the pool made a striking appearance in addition to being very utilitarian and inviting to the public. Underwater and general area lighting allowed for evening use of the pool. Over the years of operation, this feature alone did much to encourage public use via pool parties and dances. In the earlier years of the pool, water shows featuring local youth performing diving and water ballet also provided a source of entertainment for the community.

The pool was constructed as a PWA project-again making it historically significant. Funds were a mix of federal and community monies. Aside from the obvious recreational aspects of a pool, it also served a dual purpose. In 1895, the town suffered a catastrophic fire. Not only was there a lack of equipment to fight the fire, there was also a lack of an adequate water supply. In the consideration for building the pool, it was viewed that it could also serve as a water supply in emergency situations.

Today the pool, still in operation, maybe the last surviving pool of its type in the world.

Please be a part of this wonderful opportunity to save an Historic Landmark so that your children may enjoy the same wonderful experience of spending their summer at the Cameron Swimming Pool.

Monthly passes can be purchased for singles and families. Also, the pool can be rented for private parties.
Hello Alumni, 

The City of Cameron Pool Restoration efforts needs your help. Please send any donation you can to the City of Cameron.

Please make check out to the City of Cameron and in the memo area at the bottom of the check write "Swimming Pool" so that it will go in the appropriate account. Please visit the FaceBook page to watch the progress as we succeed in restoring our Historic Pool, which is listed in the National Historic Register.

City of Cameron
Attn: Swimming Pool 
44 Main Street
Cameron, WV 26033

Friends of Cameron, WV Pool

Marshall County National Register Link

Join Us at the Restored Cameron Pool Summer of 2021


Pool Hours: Sunday-Saturday 12:00-6:00 P.M.


Adults____Students ____ages 4 to 18, Seniors $2.00 55 and up

 Pool Manager-______________________________

Call: 304-686-2366 to Rent the Pool____plus ____deposit




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