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Depot 2020

Brick Markers surrounding the 1878  Historic Freight Depot


In the fall of 2006 community volunteers completed installation of the new metal roof on the depot building. This labor intensive task was coordinated by Dave Evans. His time and effort in organizing this monumental undertaking was truly commendable and greatly appreciated. Although the roof may look complete additional work, including installing a permanent ridge vent, snow guards and gutters, is still needed. 

The contracted work completed during Phase II of the restoration project, which was funded by a federal grant, was repointing and cleaning of the bricks as well as restoration of all windows and doors. This work, which was finished in late 2008, was done by R. G. Friday of Pittsburgh, PA. It resulted in a dramatic improvement in the appearance of the building.

A group of community volunteers again came to our help in the summer of 2009 and the 96 wood roof brackets received a coat of primer and a coat of paint. After years of neglect, most of the wood was bare and very dry which made the painting, at least the primer coat, more time consuming. Columbia Gas made this task much safer and easier for the painters by their donating use of their scaffolding.
In September of 2009, Consol Energy generously provided all materials and labor for installation of a french drain needed around the building. The work was done by coal company contractor Katko Ltd. Originally this work had been included as part of Phase II restoration but had to be deleted due to the high cost of the bid. Katko Ltd. also reconstructed an extremely sturdy, temporary entrance ramp into the building as they had to dismantle the prior ramp in order to complete the drain work. The contribution of Consol Energy, which saved us a lot of money, is very much appreciated.
A request for an additional federal grant for Phase III was submitted in January 2009 and approved in July 2009. This grant provides funds for reconstruction of the wood loading dock (which is to be handicapped accessible) around the building and repair of the interior floor. A written “Notice To Proceed” was finally received for the project from the funding agency in late September of 2010.. The design phase will be started in the very near future and hopefully this work will begin in the spring of 2011. Plans are also being made to develop the green space around the depot and install the “brick” walkway at about that same time.
The Greater Cameron Area Landmarks Commission will continue their efforts to find available grant funds to continue this restoration
work. In most cases, these types of funds require some percentage of “matching” monies. All proceeds from the engraved brick orders goes towards this amount. In addition to the engraved bricks, the Landmarks Commission also has various items, in a range of prices, available for sale. These items have been developed by volunteers to help preserve local history as well as raise funds for the restoration effort. All items are available for sale at Cameron Drug Store. We are grateful for Chuck Okel’s willingness to help sell these. The items also can be ordered and mailed providing postage and handling costs are paid. At times, various fundraising events are also planned to help raise money. Your assistance in support of our fundraising efforts is needed and greatly appreciated.

Although restoration has been somewhat of a struggle, the end result will be a community asset that commemorates and celebrates Cameron’s railroad history.
Volunteer Painters

David McConaughey, Christy Rogers, Jim Rogers, Joan Gardner, Morgan Goode, Tucker Conely, Ron Teska, Giulia Mannarino, Dave Evans, Chuck Okel, Joe DiGregorio

Items for Sale

Railroad Memory Book $2.50 (plus $2.50 postage and handling) A compilation of stories and photos from Cameron’s railroad era.

Cameron Memory Book $10. (plus $3.50 postage and handling) A collection of old news articles from newspapers serving the Cameron area.

Cameron Historic Photo DVD $15. (plus $2.25 postage and handling) A slideshow of over 100 historic photos.

History Of Cameron $30. (plus $3.50 postage and handling) Known as the “little red book” and originally published about 1929 this reprint includes all of the original text and photos. All proceeds benefit depot restoration.

Photos Taken July 2009


Cameron Depot Progress

After lead paint abatement and completion of tests to determine that the foundation was secure, the roof repair began with an installation of a new metal roof. This was a monumental and labor intensive job undertaken by a group of community volunteers in the fall of 2006. The involvement & contributions of the volunteers is truly commendable. Their time and efforts were greatly appreciated

Photos Taken July 2006- July 2007

Photos courtesy of David Evans and MML Design

Doors and Windows have been added


4 Doors and Windows Photos taken July 15, 2008 MMLDesign


Phase II of the project was funded through a federal grant administered by the WV Department of Transportation. Phase II included repointing of the bricks as well as restoration of all windows and doors resulting in a dramatic improvement of the appearance of the building. 

Additional work that will have to be done to complete the exterior restoration includes rebuilding wood decking around the structure, soldering vent-a-ridge on the roof peak (temporary ridge was installed in the interim), installing snow guard and gutters and painting of wood. More work to be done in the future includes renovating depot interior, landscaping and installing the brick pathway.

The Landmarks commission will continue their efforts to find available grant funds for this work. In most cases, these types of funds require some percentage of Matching monies. The group's various fund raisers and all proceeds from brick orders go towards this matching amount. Your assistance in supporting our fund raising efforts by purchase of a brick is needed and appreciated.

Although restoration has been somewhat of a struggle, the end result will be a community asset that commemorates and celebrates Cameron's history.

Volunteer Workers

Sam Yoho, David McConaughey, Robert Neely, Larry Hartley, Charles Okel, James Woods, Austin Chambers, Clifford Arbogast, Steven Monroe, Ben Welling, Harry Pettit, Roger McCracken, John Bonar, David Evans, Ron Teska, Jared Dunn, Jim Potts

Repointing Brick
Click on picture for larger version

Photos Taken July 25 & 26, 2007

Leave your own mark in history, Purchase a "brick" that will pave a path on the green space around the building. Bricks can be engraved with three lines of text up to 18 characters per line. Family groupings can be placed together and a gift card is available if purchased for someone.

Print form for mailing

Brick Purchasers

Click on this link to view a list of 
Brick Purchasers 
for the path.
Donations to Brick Campaign

Donations to Brick Campaign

Brick Markers may be purchased by sending a check for $50.00 made payable to
The Cameron Landmarks Commission
Mail to: The City of Cameron
44 Main Street
Cameron, WV 26033
(304) 686-2366
Print form for mailing
You may also contact the City of Cameron by email: cityofcameron@swave.net

Also available is a Railroad Memory Book. This booklet is a compilation of stories and photos from Cameron's railroad era. The booklets, which are an interesting and informative RR memento, are available for sale at the City Building. The cost is only $2.50 (plus postage if mailed).

All proceeds from sale of bricks & booklets benefit depot restoration. 

The 1878 B & O Railroad is located in the center of the geographical center of Cameron, West Virginia. The depot, which was built by 1878, is situated at the southeast corner of the intersection of Bridge Street and Railroad Street. (which follows the original right-of-way of the B&O railroad through the center of town). The site is the flattest area of the town adjacent to Grave Creek, and links Cameron's Central Business District located to the north with a civic node comprised of churches and schools located to the south and east.) The depot is a contributing structure to the Cameron National Register Historic District.

Depot Picture Taken 2001

The restoration and re-use of the depot would:
  1. Provide a community focused use for the lone surviving railroad-area building in Cameron.
  2. Provide the community with a meeting space, lecture space, or reading space in an authentic historic setting unique to the community.
  3. Provide space for the community to display local artifacts related to the B&O Railroad and the history of Cameron.
  4. Provide visitors to the area a centrally situated center that could direct them to various noteworthy sites in the greater community.
  5. Provide the community with a potential income source as a concession facility for a Rails-to-trails bike path or as a vending area for historic B&O railroad or Cameron related memorabilia.

Consideration is also being given to the reconstructing War Memorial Park across Railroad Street to the north of the depot. This site was historically the center of the community, and its reintroduction would complement a restored depot and provide an outdoor central gathering space for the community for holiday celebrations and public events. The community would like to build upon the authentic history of Cameron and its unique relationship with the B&O Railroad as a guide for future redevelopment in the Cameron National Register Historic District.

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Information on this page was taken from a report written and prepared by Steven Avdakov, R.A., Principal of Heritage Architectural Associates, and Kurt Leahey, Preservation Consultant.