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When the Big Run Association received their charter in 1978 with the purpose of maintaining the Community Building and grounds for the use of all Community Association members and friends of Big Run, they only dreamed of the prospects and benefits the Association would have on the community as a whole. The building has brought many great clubs and organizations together to do the work of our people and community. The Annual Apple Festival was the biggest fund raising event sponsored by the Community Association for over twenty years.

The Big Run Community Association is available to cater parties, weddings, and reunions. You may also contact one of our officers to reserve the community building for rental.

We need your support! If you are interested in becoming a member of the Big Run Community Association please contact one of our officers to find out when our next meeting is taking place.

Big Run Community Association Officers

Phone Number

President Paula McCurdy 304-686-2206
Treasurer Donna Jones 304-686-3297
Secretary Ellen Quigley 304-686-3139
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