Fire Destroying Theater Building, Monday January 25, 1988

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Memorial to Cameron Volunteer Firefighters

A Firefighter's Prayer

Dear Lord:

We call upon You for strength and guidance. Look kindly upon us in our needs. Teach us to look always to You for assistance, as our fellow citizens look to us. Give us courage, that we may impart courage to others. Make us studious, and give us pride and joy in our work. When the gong sounds, calling us to duty, give us speed and efficiency. As our siren wails, ride with us through the city streets, shielding us from danger. On the fire scene, may our officers and men always work as an honorable, courageous and victorious team. Walk with us through the terror of flame and explosion. May our hearts be always ready if we should be summoned before our Eternal Chief in the midst of our labors. Through our ministrations to our suffering fellowmen, we dedicate our lives humbly to Your praise and glory. In joy or sorrow, we ask only that You may be pleased with our service, that when the Last Alarm shall have sounded for us, we may receive our eternal assignment with You.


Author Unknown

Cameron Volunteer Firefighter

Wayne Chambers, age 49, passed away July 11, 2008. He was born May 18th, 1959. He was an active member of the Cameron Volunteer Fire Department. He proudly served in various capacities for 30 years as Fire Chief, Asst. Fire Chief, President, Treasurer, and  named Fireman of the Year. 

Wayne was also an active member of the Cameron EMS for 28 years having served as an EMT, President, Treasurer, and was a driver for the squad. He served as a RESA-6 fire instructor.

He graduated in the CHS class of 1978.Wayne also made time in his very busy life for the Cameron High School Alumni FFA where he served as Treasurer. Working for the Marshall County School System Wayne was around young people on a daily basis, helping them was second nature to him. Mr. Duckworth from John Marshall High School stated in a newspaper article about Wayne that the coaches and athletes had a true affection for Wayne, because he got to know them on an individual basis. The coaches felt at ease when they talked to Wayne about something they would like to have done or needed. There was nothing that was asked of him that he did not get done.

Wayne was like this with his family too, there for his family members from his mother, sister, brother, sister-in-law, niece, nephews and great-nephew, to aunts, uncles and cousins. At the time of his death, Wayne was busy working with his oldest nephew Austin getting ready for the fair.

The family loved him and will miss him terribly, but they know that friends, co-workers and others will miss him too.

Wayne was proud and honored to help his fellow firefighters and EMS. Wayne would be happy to know that the fire department will continue the great work that he helped with.

Cameron Volunteer Firefighter


Clifford White Jr., age 21 was killed in the line of duty Monday November 19th, 2001 when the tanker truck he was riding in overturned and slid down a steep embankment near Fish Creek, he was responding to a call for mutual assistant with a brush fire in a remote area of Wetzel County. He was born July 21, 1980.

Cameron Volunteer Firefighter

William L. "Billy" Parsons, age 31was fatally injured during an explosion while he was helping set off fireworks during the Fourth of July events July 4th, 1996. 

He had been a member of the Cameron Volunteer Fire Department since 1983. He had served as Fire Chief. He was also a member of the EMS.

Bill was a very dedicated and dependable individual. He is sadly missed by family, friends, and fellow firefighters. He was born July 20, 1964