Snow in Downtown Cameron, WV Early 1950's. 

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15th Annual Christmas Parade
Sponsored by The Sunbeam Rebekah Lodge #127 and The City of Cameron
Saturday, December 1, 2001


Cameron JR SR High Band

Marshall County Commissioner Biggie Byard


Youth Category First Place
Big Run Indian's 4-H Club
Youth Category Second Place
Boy Scout Pack 86

Senior Division First Place
Marshall County Historical Society
Senior Division 2nd Place
Marshall County CEOS

Honorable Mention
Cameron Baptist Church

2001 Cameron Dragons

Winning entries in the 15th annual Cameron Christmas Parade for youth category third place was Dragon Mart.

In the senior division third place was Bungard's, sponsored by Greg's Market and Pepsi Cola.

Winning entries for House Decorating were first place -  Katy Kisner, second place -  Michael Wright, third place -  Paul Beaty. Honorable mention were Terry Antill, Robin Clark, and Gary Mason.

The Sunbeam Rebekahs have been responsible for the Christmas street lights in Cameron since 1987 as well as the annual Christmas Parade.

Goals & Aims
The Rebekah Lodge is a fraternal organization whose first and foremost concern is the welfare of its members. Rebekah members visit the sick, relieve the distressed, care for widows, orphans, and those less fortunate, and, when necessary, bury the dead. The Rebekahs' secondary concern is the welfare of the community and its members.
Besides striving for Friendship, Love, and Truth the Sunbeam Rebekahs supports the Arthritis Foundation of West Virginia. The Organization also supports International Eye Banks, providing eye tests and eye testing equipment internationally.
I believe in the Fatherhood of God, the Brotherhood of man, and the Sisterhood of woman. I believe in the watch - words of our Order - Friendship, Love and Truth.
Friendship - is like a golden chain that ties our hearts together. Love - is one of our most precious gifts, the more you give , the more you receive. Truth - is the standard by which we value people. It is the foundation of our society. 
I believe that my main concern should be my God, my family and my friends. Then I should reach out to my community and the World, for in God's eyes we are all brothers and sisters.